AIR MILES Buyers Reward Program

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For the intrepid, there will be no greater place to call home or to holiday than Three Sister’s Village. A major economic engine for Canmore, Three Sister’s Village will be a destination for residents and guests. It will be a place of coming and goings—home to long-term residents and short-term visitors who want access to resort-like amenities as well as a lively, pedestrian friendly village. Neighbors will connect around the Village’s outdoor tables, recreational spaces, campfires, and hot tubs and gather at community events that stoke a deeper understanding of Canmore’s history and future. This district will be anchored by a mixed-use village that includes resort accommodation (hotels), a health and wellness hub encompassing spas and holistic health services, employee housing, recreation, and enhanced transportation and social connections to other destinations in Canmore, including downtown’s Main Street.


Three Sisters’ Village will be an inclusive and accessible community and destination. This will be achieved by:

  • incorporating affordable housing and employee housing
  • designing an area that will facilitate multi-modal transportation and prioritize active modes of transportation including walking and cycling
  • featuring many ways for guests and residents to be connected and integrated to other districts (including downtown).


Three Sisters’ Village will be a safe community for residents and guests alike. Peaceful co-existence will rely on measures outlined in the environmental impact statement and through the Town’s work with other governments in human-use management. Other aspects of safe development in areas potentially impacted by steep creek considerations and the legacy of coal mining activities will also continue to be addressed.

Sense of Place

Three Sisters’ Village will be focused on health, recreation and wellness. The Village will place an emphasis on indoor and outdoor recreation, with the intent to provide alternatives to current informal human-use activities currently occurring within the adjacent wildlife corridor. Multiuse trails and outdoor activities will be incorporated with other forms of recreation. This may include event spaces, conference facilities, outdoor recreation areas for activities like skating, snowshoeing, hiking, biking, climbing and other amenities outlined in the Recreation Master Plan.


Development of Three Sisters’ Village will be guided by best practices in urban design and position the area as a cultural destination within Canmore. The Village will feature gathering and event spaces as well as cultural amenities and public art.


As an economic engine that draws new visitors, attracts new investment and adds to the community’s amenities and infrastructure, Three Sisters’ Village will strengthen Canmore’s existing economy. The Village will complement Downtown Canmore, as the success of Canmore’s Main Street is important to the overall success of the Three Sisters area. Adding a medium-scale conference venue will further enhance Canmore’s economy as supporting facilities will attract meetings, conventions, festivals and incentive travel in addition to building upon a growing wellness tourism market. Collaborative work spaces where Canmore’s highly educated and mobile workforce can build new business opportunities are also envisioned as part of Three Sisters Village.

We are currently seeking feedback on the overall vision for the Three Sisters’ area. Your opinion is important to us and will inform our future planning. To share your feedback, email us at: